The ZASH Difference!


We are experienced.   

We have the experience (14+ years!), knowledge, time and patience needed to handle, pose and photograph newborn babies. We photograph over 150 newborn babies every year! 


We are specialists in our field.

We specialize in what we love and do best, and feel that by doing this we have perfected our skills and can offer you a superior service and product by doing so.  Would you want anything less for your baby?


Photographer and staff are all immunized against whooping cough.

This is very important! Please, even if you don’t book with Zash Photography, ensure your photographer is immunized.


Safety is our priority!

Our set ups and poses are all safe. There is never a risk of a baby being hurt during one of our sessions. Unfortunately this isn’t always the case with newer or less experienced photographers who aren’t aware of the skills, knowledge and photoshop techniques needed and used to perform some poses.  We also have a strict COVID-19 Plan to keep our studio safe during these uncertain times.


We only book one Newborn Session per day.

We offer a personal and relaxed environment with no time constraints.  This allows for plenty of time to feed, cuddle, change and settle your newborn baby throughout the session.  You will never be rushed to make room for the next client!


We want you to enjoy the experience of the photography session just as much as the end result.  

Having a baby is one of the happiest times in your life! We want you to look back at your images and remember how you felt at the time. Our sessions are fun and relaxed – just as they should be!


We will do everything we can to create the perfect gallery, but the baby’s comfort and needs will always come first.

We approach each session with the patience and understanding that time will be needed for feeds, nappy changes and settling.   This is just all part of having a newborn so why should your session be any different!


We believe that each baby and family is special – and we treat you that way.

You will never just be another “number” to us! With only a small number of clients on our books at any one time, we know who you are and will remember your name!


Each image shown in your gallery is chosen and processed individually by the photographer.

The time is taken to turn each “picture” into ART, with great attention to detail and the highest standards applied.


We are open and honest about our pricing.

There are no surprises or unexpected costs – our pricing is just as you see it. Our prices are reasonable and affordable – there is nothing for us to hide. 


You will never get the hard sell from us.

No pushy sales people telling you what to buy! You deal directly with the photographer – and buy what YOU want – no pressure. All ordering is done yourself, from the comfort of your own home (no annoying viewing sessions or sales pitches!).


These are just some of the things that make the ZASH Difference!


Why not give us a call and experience it for yourself!


We look forward to hearing from you!


Thank you, Katrina, for our beautiful images! Not only is your photography exceptional but everything from responding so quickly to emails and having clear and transparent pricing and packages, to bringing an umbrella out to me in my car, handling our newborn baby with such care and love, and your friendly and warm nature, made the whole experience so relaxed and enjoyable. We couldn’t be happier with our images and would highly recommend you to anyone looking for a maternity or newborn photographer X     R. Moffit

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