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Brisbane Newborn Photography Specialist

Brisbane Newborn Photographer, Zash Photography is Brisbane’s Number 1 Newborn Photography Specialist!   ☑ We have 14+ years experience photographing newborns (mostly under 2 weeks of age) ☑ We SPECIALISE in Newborn Photography ☑ We are affordable. ☑ We are immunised. ☑ We are insured. ☑ We can cater to all styles (vibrant and playful OR simplistic and classic). …

Brisbane Newborn Photography TwinsNewborn Photography with mum

Newborn Photography

Newborn Photography is ideal for babies under 3 weeks of age. These sessions are booked based on your baby’s due date, with an actual session date allocated once your baby is born.  By booking a Newborn Session in advance (early in your pregnancy where possible), you will secure a session within the first 2 weeks of …