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Newborn cuddling with parentscute newborn baby girl in pink bucket

The Zash Difference

The ZASH Difference!   We are experienced.    We have the experience (14+ years!), knowledge, time and patience needed to handle, pose and photograph newborn babies. We photograph over 150 newborn babies every year!    We are specialists in our field. We specialize in what we love and do best, and feel that by doing …

Couple Maternity Photography Studio backlitBrisbane Maternity Photography big sister announcement

Maternity Photography

Maternity Photography is ideal between 32 & 37 weeks of pregnancy (but best booked as early as possible!). These sessions are a great way to capture this special and unique time in your life! There is always lots of fun and laughter during these sessions, and the images we capture are modern, stunning, artistic and… irreplaceable. Maternity …