Pricing & Availability

Pricing & Availability – last updated 17/10/2018


All Sessions are held in our Brisbane studio, Monday – Friday only.

October 2018 – Fully Booked (but contact us incase of any last minute openings!)

November 2018  – Almost fully booked – be quick!

December 2018 – taking bookings now (limited availablity around Christmas period)

January 2019 – very limited availability – please contact us for more information

February 2019 & Beyond – taking bookings now


Pricing is obviously important. If you have done your research, you will know that photographer’s pricing varies quite a lot!  BUT it is important to know that not all photographers are the same.  Especially when it comes to photographing newborns!  Please do not choose your Newborn Photographer based solely on price.  Ask about their experience dealing, working with and posing such young babies.  Ask if they are immunised (especially for whooping cough).  Ask if they are insured.  Ask as many questions as you need to make sure you are making the best and safest choice for you and your baby.  Your photographer may not be the cheapest (or the most expensive for that matter!) but with the right research and questions, you will feel confident that you are putting your baby in the RIGHT hands. 

To help with this important decision, please read more about “The Zash Difference” here.

Click HERE for our Belly/Maternity Price List

Click HERE for our Baby/Newborn/Beyond Price List 

Zash Photography packages are all completely digital – allowing you to print your own images as many times as you like – and to any size you like – and best of all – they are affordable!  


Pricing & Availablity


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