Brisbane Newborn Photography Specialist

Brisbane Newborn Photographer, Zash Photography is Brisbane’s Number 1 Newborn Photography Specialist!


☑ We have 12+ years experience photographing newborns (mostly under 2 weeks of age)
☑ We SPECIALISE in Newborn Photography
☑ We are affordable.
☑ We are immunised.
☑ We are insured.
☑ We can cater to all styles (vibrant and playful OR simplistic and classic).
☑ We include parents and siblings at no extra cost.
☑ We have a fully equiped private and professional Brisbane studio.
☑ We have ALL 5 star reviews!



Brisbane Newborn Photographer


Brisbane Newborn Photographer Top 10 Award – 2018 AND 2019!

We are very excited and proud to be named as one of the top 10 Newborn Photographers in Brisbane by Babyinfo – 2 YEARS RUNNING!!

With 12 yearsexperience and 5 star reviews – it really doesn’t come as a huge surprise though!

Did you know that we SPECIALISE in Maternity Newborn / Baby Photography?  Thats right!  We specialise in what we do and love best!  And that’s why we are so good at it!Top 10 Newborn Photographer Award - Zash Photography

The last thing you want to do with your precious little baby is place him or her in the hands of someone inexperienced with Newborns!  Yes, they may be an amazing Wedding Photographer, or Pet Photographer etc, but Newborns are a whole different ball game!  

A Newborn Photographer knows how to pose and handle a Newborn so that they look completely adorable, but are also comfortable AND safe! 
A Newborn Photographer knows how to read the baby’s cues to stop for a feed, change or cuddle.  Top 10 Photographer Award Badge 2019 - Website
A Newborn Photographer has the studio fully set up for nappy changing and feeding and understands the needs of a new baby (and new parents!).  
A Newborn Photographer is immunised (especially for whooping cough!).  

Look at our images, read our reviews, ask us questions – and KNOW you are making the right decision for you AND your baby!  

Zash Photography is the Photographer you are looking for!  Contact us today 🙂



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